HIBISCUS CANDLE “Enchanted Flowers”

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  • Hibiscus Candle: Let yourself be enchanted by the floral sweetness of the “ Enchanted Flowers ”, of this Hibiscus Scented Candle from Kemet Market .

    ** Benefits of Hibiscus for Well-Being :**

    Hibiscus is much more than a beautiful flower. Its benefits go beyond its appearance. This hibiscus candle will bring:

    - Floral Relaxation : The subtle notes of hibiscus create a soothing atmosphere , ideal for relaxing after a busy day.

    - Emotional Balance : Hibiscus is renowned for its power to soothe the mind and stimulate positivity , thus creating a harmonious atmosphere in your space.

    ** Features :**

    - Artisanal Manufacturing : Each candle is meticulously handcrafted by our artisans in France , guaranteeing quality and attention to detail.

    - Vegetable Wax : Our hibiscus candle is created from high quality vegetable wax, providing a clean and environmentally friendly burn.

    - Grassy fragrance at 10% : The scent of this candle is rich and pleasant, filling your space with a captivating fragrance.

    ** Using advice :**

    1. ** First Use :** When using for the first time, allow the candle to burn until the entire surface of the wax is liquid. This helps prevent the formation of “tunnels” and ensures uniform combustion with each use.

    2. ** Safety :** Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep it away from drafts, flammable objects and children or pets.

    3. ** Cut the Wick :** Before each use, ensure that the wick is cut to approximately 0.5 cm in height to avoid excessive smoke formation.

    Treat yourself to a moment of well-being and relaxation with our Hibiscus Scented Candle and create a warm atmosphere in your space.
    Experience the magic of hibiscus today !

    HIBISCUS CANDLE “Enchanted Flowers”

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    HIBISCUS CANDLE “Enchanted Flowers”
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