Who are we ?

I will tell you the story of Affoué, a Queen from the Eburnian Kingdom. A region in West Africa, towards the Côte d'Or, in Côte d'Ivoire.

She left to discover France and was surprised by the lack of sunshine on the plates, which made the inhabitants of the Frankish kingdom less jovial. 

In search of a solution to free the kingdom of the Franks from this enchantment, Reine Affoué was plunged into a long sleep. She dreamed of creating Kemet Market, a concept that brings together the best products from Kama: from Africa for everyone.

Products grown naturally on very rich soils. 

There are superfoods like Moringa (called never die) 25X richer in iron than spinach for iron health, like baobab powder which has 3X more calcium than milk, hibiscus optimizes loss weight, 

there are also divine oils, royal butters like shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter

soon we will also find vegan and gluten-free products, rich cereals, gluten-free flour, made from cassava, banana, millet, sorghum among others. 

In this fortified castle of consumption, you will find therapeutic herbal teas and other vitalizing potions.

So that the discovery of the ancient culture of mother earth is even more sublimated, at Kemet Market Concept Store (online), you will discover artisanal articles handmade by specialists in their fields, books of counts, philosophy, art, kingdoms, traditional and modern fashion based on ancestral, embroidered, hand-woven fabrics, gift ideas and everything that amazes your senses!

The administration of Kemet Market is carried out by Reine Affoué of the royal castre of Benevolent Traders who was initiated for ten years in the art of commerce and customer service.

The castle is established online for a connection across regions.

Imagine a kingdom in which it is good to live in full health and vitality. That's it, you are at Kemet Market ❤️👑❤️

The Afro Bio Boutique offers you the opportunity to extend your lifespan and become immortal through intelligent and optimized nutrition. Focus on products with high nutritional values ​​full of sunshine. Free yourself from time-consuming activities like shopping. Save time and take care of what you love and the people you love. 

All you have to do is push the Golden Door of the castle of the Afro Bio Boutique for everyone! and your life is transformed. You would be satisfied and delighted. 

Thank you for your attention. 

KeMeT is the new Africa!

Kemet Market is the gateway to the African world, an invitation to discover the pharaonic culture of Kemet and hidden ancestral treasures.

Here we are Queens and Kings, we wear the double crown like an alliance to the double culture, a twin invitation.

Kemet Market is a fine selection of what contributes to your well-being in a holistic way. Enrich yourself with natural cosmetic products, Adorn yourself with ancestral knowledge, Complete yourself with rejuvenating, revitalizing, energizing treatments...

Taste new products, Touch authentic craftsmanship, Embrace the world of KeMeTique fashion.

Enchant your life with the best and healthiest items, beauty, wellness, crafts, fashion, spiritual at KEMET MARKET.
With the intention of doing you good.




Organic, natural, holy

At KEMET MARKET you buy much more than a product, you buy energy and good vibrations: those of products from a rich land, handmade, connected to ancestral know-how and manufactured by beautiful energies; talented creators on Mother Earth.

Buying one of our items is your opportunity to get a high quality product. All our products have been carefully selected and are rigorously controlled.

Nourish your body and mind and make KeMeT vibrate stronger within you!

A light energy protects you during your navigation on the completely secure site, you can choose what would please you in the best conditions.
We are at your disposal by email to advise you, guide you, pamper you!




We offer free delivery to all our customers from 60€ of purchases for France and 250€ of purchases for international destinations.
We use recyclable packaging, simple but protective. You will receive your KEMET MARKET order directly to your home or at a relay point to make it faster and more convenient.
Please note that delivery times vary from 2 to 15 depending on the delivery method chosen.
You are invited to buy with confidence and we take care of everything!


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