FEMALE BOX - Book restore your sacred feminine

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The Feminine Box is a set of products carefully selected to help women restore their sacred feminine. This box includes the book “Restore your sacred feminine in 28 days”, as well as vetiver root, Djeka leaves and hibiscus leaves. Here's how you can use each item:

1. Book “Restore your sacred feminine in 28 days”:
This book is a practical guide that offers a 28-day program to restore your sacred feminine. It offers you exercises, rituals and advice to reconnect with your feminine essence, balance your energies and cultivate your inner well-being. Follow the book's instructions day after day to fully enjoy this transformative experience.

2. Vetiver Root:
Vetiver is a plant with many soothing and rebalancing properties. To use vetiver root, you can steep it in hot water for a few minutes to make a decoction. Then use this decoction as a base for a relaxing bath. Immerse yourself in the water and let the beneficial properties of vetiver envelop and soothe you.

3. Djeka leaves:
Djeka leaves are renowned for their purifying and energizing properties. You can use them in different ways:
- Prepare an infusion by boiling the Djeka leaves in water for a few minutes. Drink this infusion to benefit from its purifying properties.
- Place a few Djeka leaves in a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam to refresh and clear your mind.
- Use Djeka leaves during rituals or meditations to strengthen your connection with your sacred feminine.

4. Hibiscus Leaves:
Hibiscus leaves are known for their toning and regenerating properties for the skin. Here are some possible uses:
- Prepare an infusion by infusing the hibiscus leaves in hot water for a few minutes. Leave to cool, then use this infusion as a facial toner. Apply it with a cotton pad to refresh and revitalize your skin.
- Add hibiscus leaves to a hot bath to enjoy their invigorating benefits for the entire body.
- Use dried hibiscus leaves to prepare nourishing hair masks. Mix them with water or other natural ingredients, then apply the mask to your hair and leave it on before rinsing.

Remember to follow the instructions that come with each product and listen to your body during use. Take advantage of this experience to reconnect with your femininity and take care of yourself holistically.

FEMALE BOX - Book restore your sacred feminine

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FEMALE BOX - Book restore your sacred feminine
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