BULUKUTU [Bouloukoutou]

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BULUKUTU or “savannah tea” is a herbal tea for general well-being .

Why do we love it ?

  • HELPS WITH DETOX : releases toxins from the body. Helps digestion, rebalances the intestinal flora, boosts the body
  • ANTI -PARASITIC : Bulukutu helps fight parasites, malaria and what causes the same effects
  • HELPS TO REGULATE HYPERTENSION : bulukutu helps to lower blood pressure
  • HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS: Suppresses appetite, burns and eliminates fat, Antioxidant, anti-bloating
  • HELPS TO SOOTH : calms anxiety, improves sleep, helps against hypertension, relaxes muscles, calms menstrual and dental pain


Bulukutu herbal tea is widely used to accompany intermittent fasting because it helps to curb hunger and maintain maximum vitality!

Use :

  • In hot herbal tea :

Drink hot in the morning and evening. Can be consumed every day for breakfast or as a herbal tea.

Bring 1L of water to the boil. Remove from the heat, stir in 1 tablespoon of bulukutu leaves. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes and enjoy with or without sugar.

RECOMMENDATION : use savannah honey from kemet market for better flavors.

Remember, it’s regularity that brings good results.

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BULUKUTU [Bouloukoutou]

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BULUKUTU [Bouloukoutou]
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