Afro-Caribbean Culture Games

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Quizzes dedicated to the general culture of

- the Guadeloupe

- the Martinique

- Haiti

(dance, music, fauna, flora, instruments, entertainment, etc.)


The Conficulture Quiz card games ( seen on TV on France 3 ) are board games for fun with family and friends on the one hand and on the other hand, the Conficulture Games are an educational and trans transmission tool -generational.
Much more than just card games, the Conficulture Quizzes help you raise your level of knowledge , expand your general culture by democratizing , to everyone, the greatness of Afro-Caribbean culture .

Who can play?

From 7 years old, young children can play, especially on the Pan-African quizzes, Rimed Razié, Afro Families are the most accessible for young children.

All adolescents and adults can play it regardless of their origin or aspiration

The game's rules

On each card there are 3 clues, the answer at the bottom and an illustration depending on the game.

The goal of the game is to win the most cards. To win the most cards you must answer the fastest using the fewest clues to find the answer.

  • You accumulate 3 points/cards if you answer from the first clue
  • You earn 2 points if you answer the second clue
  • You earn 1 point if you answer the last clue

Course of the game

Place the deck of cards face down. X draws a card, then reads the first clue to Y:

  • - if Y finds the answer from the first clue, then Y wins the card and 2 other cards from the deck.
  • - if Y finds the answer to the 2nd clue, Then Y wins the card and 1 other card from the deck.
  • - if Y finds the answer to the 3rd clue, then Y wins the card.
  • - if Y does not find the answer, then X wins the card.

Then the roles are reversed, if you play in pairs, if you play in groups, you go around the table.

After each clue, the player can only give one and only one answer.
The game ends when there are no more cards available.

The winner is the one who has won the most cards.

Card games ideal for gift ideas.

Afro-Caribbean Culture Games

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Afro-Caribbean Culture Games
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