REGROWTH KIT - Alopecia/Baldness

Mbikudi France

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The method for hair that grows back quickly!

A combination of 4 products to combat baldness, damaged hair and poor hair health.

Kemet Market Distributor Mbikudi France Hair Regrowth Kit Alopecia Baldness

Essential for THE QUEEN WHO WANTS:

  • Fast Hair Growth Boost
  • Put an end to bald temples and patchy hair
  • Finally have beautiful hair!

The GROWTH KIT to quickly grow your hair. 

1. Repair oil

For hair regrowth.

 Apply a few drops to bald or bald areas + Massage for 5 to 10 minutes. + Let the treatment sit for 15 to 45 minutes (no more). + Wash with shampoo.


2. Herbal Soap-Shampoo

Repair broken and brittle hair with oils and herbs.

Lather the soap on the hand or directly on the hair 1 to 2 times per wash. + Dry natural or gentle drying.


3. Moringa and Oat Shampoo

To repair the scalp, activate blood circulation to grow healthy hair. 

Lather the soap on the hand or directly on the hair 1 to 2 times per wash. To be used as an alteration with the Herbal Shampoo Soap.


4. Shea Light Hair Pomade

To protect hair with Shea and Aloe vera gel.

Apply to dry or damp hair and massage. Do not rinse.

Have you heard the secret of its 4 products?



Hair types: afro, curly and mixed hair

Manufacturers: Mbikudi

Characteristics: Vegan, vegan, natural, organic

Perfumes and additives: Chebe powder - Ylang Ylang, orange and bergamot essential oil.

Store products in a dry place for longer use. For external use only. Do not eat. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

REGROWTH KIT - Alopecia/Baldness

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REGROWTH KIT - Alopecia/Baldness
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