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Baobab Kemet Market powder is an essential Super Food with record nutritional values ​​to boost energy and the immune system.

The benefits of Baobab Powder:

  • Rich in fiber and essential minerals
  • Tonifying and energizing properties to combat chronic or temporary fatigue .
  • Provides vitamins, fitness and strength: 6 times more vitamin C than an orange
  • Moisturizing hair mask , curl activator
  • Fight against dull and tired skin
  • Promotes intestinal transit
  • Antioxidant, Detoxifies the liver: 10 times more antioxidant than an apple
  • 3x richer in calcium than milk, contributes to bone and dental health

Taste :

Very good, naturally sweet taste, tangy notes at the end.


Nutrition with Baobab powder :

  • As an energy shot : Make a drink based on baobab powder, mix 3 tablespoons of baobab powder with water or milk in a shaker and stock up on energy. Excellent for athletes and the elderly.
  • In food powder : Enrich your dishes with nutrients by sprinkling smoothies, fruits, desserts , meals, salads , with a tablespoon of Baobab powder.
  • In “Bouye” Baobab juice : Mix 250g of Baobab Powder with 1L of water/milk. Stir and filter. Sweeten as desired. Add mint or orange blossom for more flavor. Refrigerate for 1 hour before tasting.

Hair mask and facial mask with Baobab Powder :

  • Incorporate a tablespoon of Baobab powder into your hair mask.
  • Or make a mask based on cornstarch + baobab powder + honey + mango herbal tea + vegetable oil and leave on for 30-45 minutes to deeply nourish the hair and define the curls.
  • Apply this same mask for 15 minutes on the face and rinse with lukewarm water. Apply a moisturizer.


Origin: Burkina Faso

100% natural product

Suitable for Vegan, Keto, Gluten-Free diets

Container: recycled kraft paper resealable bag

Made in France

Take care of yourself with Kemet Market, the reference for natural cosmetics and ancestral well-being!



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