How to clean your house to start the new year off right?

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2022 is dead, long live 2023! What if the new year rhymed with cleaning?

The new year is a time of renewal , like a new beginning that repeats itself every year. The good resolutions have been declared, yes, and the most important thing would be to renew the energy of your home, your interior, yourself.

Why clean your interior?

Purifying the house is an essential ritual .

It is important to ride this New Year's momentum to tidy up , sort, clean and clean in order to put your home and yourself in order. We then carry out physical cleaning .

Benefits : tidying up brings clarity and calm to the mind. Lights up the room. Reflects a good image of yourself. Makes it easier to find objects since everything is in its place and therefore easy to find.

It seems even more important to take advantage of the new year to purify the energy of your environment, your interior (home or office). We then carry out a subtle (or energetic) cleansing.

Benefits to be gained : providing new pure and stable energy. Create a new energetic atmosphere, feel good in a recharged environment.


How to clean your house in 4 steps?

Good news, a practical box is essential for New Year cleaning, it’s the Spirit Box . The elements of the Box Spirit are also useful for the full moon like that of January 6-7, 2023, the first of the year, but also during the new moon , the beginnings and ends of the month (also called opening and closing of me) and especially for the new year !

The Spirit Box contains 4 elements to be used in 4 steps


To start the new year's cleaning, it is customary to get rid of old sponges , mops, brooms and other cleaning equipment and replace them with new ones.

The reading is that one gets rid of everything that was used to wipe away problems the previous year. Old negative situations should remain in the past and not return in the new year. This is why, depending on the possibilities, it is recommended to replace sponges, mops, broom heads etc.

Step 1: Use purifying salt to clean your home

After a domestic cleaning , we use the power of very effective purifying salt on door handles, switches, window surrounds, threshold bars and doormats, finishing with the exterior handle of the front door.

How to use pink salt?

To do this, soak the pink “Sunugal” salt available on the Kemet Market website in pure water. Dip a clean, new cloth, preferably, and wipe down the handles and doors. The cloth should be cleaned or thrown away.

It is also possible to add a few drops of this water to your mopping water.

Step 2: Use white sage to cleanse your home

Once the house is clean, it's time to switch to energetic purification mode thanks to the ancestral power of sage, an essential part of cleaning rituals.

Indeed, sage will help you feel better at home , in your interior.

Sage is known to have a strong power to purify the atmosphere and free you from negative energies.

In addition to having powerful antimicrobial properties (meaning sage helps repel pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi), sage is a simple and effective way to naturally deodorize and eliminate bad odors . Kemet Market 's sage stick perfumes the home and leaves a sweet, natural scent .

How to use sage to purify your home?


Steps for using sage:

  • Prepare yourself with an intention of cleansing, a desire for purification, renewal of energies
  • Open the windows, ventilate your interior
  • Light the sage stick and let it burn a little
  • Extinguish the sage stick by stirring it up and down (it's best not to blow on it)
  • Place the sage stick on a non-flammable container (a porcelain cup, censer) so that any combustion debris does not fall anywhere (be careful if you have a nylon floor covering)
  • Go through each room of the house invoking your intentions (your prayer or simply what you want), letting the smoke wander everywhere
  • Extinguish the sage stick like a cigarette butt with sand or water

Sage Tips:

Sage can be used to purify specific objects in the home, such as vintage furniture or clothing, coats and shoes and handbags because these are items in contact with the outside world.

Other recommendations / Danger of sage: 

Keep out of reach of children. It is best not to use in the presence of pregnant or breastfeeding women. Do not leave a lit sage stick unattended near a child. Beware of smoke detection alarms, hence the importance of opening the windows, even ajar the front door, sage will do good to your neighbors. We do not recommend turning off your smoke detector device, because in the event of an incident, you should be aware that the insurance does not reimburse anything if the smoke detector has been turned off.

Step 3: Use Palo Santo to clean your house

Palo Santo or sacred wood is as useful for purifying the home as it is for helping to reposition oneself within oneself .

The scent of burning Palo Santo has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and improve clarity and focus .

Indeed, palo santo has the power to act on energy and the spiritual in an important way, because it is an essential element of purification and protection rituals practiced in South America among others.

The benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo contributes to:

  • Eliminate negative energies
  • Embrace positivity and luck
  • Develop inspiration and intuition
  • Calm the mind from oppressive thoughts
  • Fight against stress and anxiety
  • Finding inner peace through appeasement

How to use Palo Santo, Sandalwood?

Palo Santo is used like sage, read above how to use sage.

However, in step 3, Palo Santo is used on oneself in addition to one's home.

Steps :

  • Position yourself in a quiet place and calm down (ideally in a yoga/meditation position)
  • Define your intention (what you want to let go, what you want to welcome)
  • Light the end of the Palo Santo, let it burn for a while
  • Extinguish the flame by stirring it up and down
  • Place the Palo Santo on a container and let it finish burning
  • Enjoy the delicious woody smell that will cleanse you
  • Meditate and welcome tranquility and calm


Palo Santo can also be used for the purification of metal or stone jewelry, stones and minerals.

The Palo Santo is available on

Step 4: Use myrrh to clean your home

Myrrh is a little-known incense but listed in traditional pharmacopoeia for millennia for religious celebrations, medicine and hygiene.

Used since ancient Egypt, to stimulate sensuality, treat colds, to China, to stimulate blood circulation and promote the menstrual cycle, through India, to treat oral problems and the Middle Orient, to relieve eczema , inflammations and irritations of the skin.

The benefits of myrrh:

    1. Purifies places and harmonizes energies
    2. Brings renewal
    3. Uplifts the soul and warms the senses
    4. Promotes openness to the outside world
    5. Increases the power of other plants and resins (good synergy with Frankincense and Benzoin)
    6. Also helps with meditation and contemplation
    7. Improves sleep

How to use myrrh?

  • Set your intentions
  • Burn a piece of coal on the censer
  • Place a few grains of myrrh there
  • Circulate throughout all rooms of the house
  • Let the smell take over the house

What does myrrh smell like?

Myrrh resin incense has a very good smell, warm, captivating, reassuring .

Precautions / Danger of myrrh:

Open the windows well. It is best not to burn myrrh in the presence of pregnant or breastfeeding women. Keep out of reach of children. Allow the hot coal to cool for hours before throwing it in the trash because the core of the coal stays hot for a long time.

You have the essential physical and energetic cleansing in the Spirit Box available on the secure site

The year has just begun, the ritual of cleaning the house must be carried out during:

  • the first 15 days of the year
  • the first 3 days of the month
  • full moon and new moon
  • as soon as the need arises!

Bring life into your home with the Spirit Box , a favorite Box available on ! BONUS: the glitter lighter is offered + 1 notebook to write down your wishes and intentions!


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