Ritual for the First New Moon of the Year 2024

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Happy New Year, to your good health ! Once the best wishes have been wished and the good resolutions have been made, life follows its course, the cycles follow their loops...

Speaking of cycles, where are you with the moon?

Did you know that from ancient Egypt to Celtic tradition, full moon rituals were “religiously” respected? At each phase of the Moon, a different energy, a precise ritual to observe.

We invite you, both men and women, to take some time to observe this New Moon ritual. And what a New Moon! The very first New Moon of the year, that of Thursday January 11, 2024.

But yes, the new resolutions are not going to come true by magic 🪄 ;-)

Disable any source of interference, turn off your phone, turn off the internet during the ritual.

Shhhh, breathe slowly and deeply, the ritual will begin.

Set your intentions, focus, listen and then do what needs to be done:

1) Wash your house (its interior)

That is to say, we clean, clean! Put things in order , laundry done, trash emptied, bulky items donated or thrown away, mirrors cleaned, windows and tiles polished.

2) Spray vinegar

Apply either household white vinegar or Neem oil diluted in a bucket of water to the cleaned surfaces. Both of these elements are powerful spiritual cleansers .

3) Wash yourself (your exterior)

That is to say, clean yourself, from head to toe before carrying out the ritual. It's time to take a bath. It is recommended to go to the hammam or sauna to purify yourself either the day before the New Moon or in the 3 days following the New Moon.

Those who live in hot countries have the advantage of purifying themselves through sweating more often than others.

4) Cleanse the energy

With incense or Palo Santo (sandalwood), cleanse the energy of your living space(s), your home. Diffuse incense or Palo Santo in all rooms, toilets and doormat included.

5) Write your 12 intentions

Using blue ink, take a blank white sheet and bring your intentions to life by materializing them in writing .

An intention for each month of the year to complete the cycle.

6) Address the moon

Yes, you talk to your dog or your car, don't you? We refocus, you will speak to the moon out loud if possible.

Position yourself on your knees towards the moon and thank it for your current life THEN read aloud to it calmly and slowly your 12 wishes and intentions .

7) Offer wishes to nature

Take the paper with the intentions and burn it in a wood , park or forest.

You can slip your intentions sheet into your pillowcase. Sleep with it every night until the next new moon, and then you will burn it outside in a wood.

The New Moon Ritual is preferably performed at the precise time of the New Moon. This Thursday, January 11, 2024, the New Moon appears at 12:57 p.m. Paris time.

The closer you are to the schedule, the more powerful your ritual will be.

Don't panic, you can observe this ritual as soon as you return home. The energy of the New Moon is strong for another 3 days, so the ritual must be performed before the New Moon disappears on Sunday January 14, 2024 at 12:57 p.m.

Find out what you need to observe the Moon Rituals at

Written by Reine Affoué & Christelle Kedi.

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